Against Oblivion

Forgotten Creatures

Our very own history is full of mystical entities that people believed in years, ages and centuries ago. Yet lots of these creatures have fallen into oblivion to a broad number of people, while we can’t escape elves, dwarves and orcs in modern fantasy stories. Based on historic documents and long hours of folkloric research, I create sculptures and art dolls that resemble the nearly forgotten creatures people once may have believed in.

Follow me on my journey through human history and discover our mythological past!


Why is everything in German?

As I am based in Germany and my main audience for the upcoming book on German household spiritis is German, the website is mostly written in German to inform all people about this current project. However, as the international fanbase of Forgotten Creatures is increasing, both our Facebook and Instagram accounts are bilingual!

In future, we may start translating the book and the webpage into English, but for now we are pretty busy, so stay tuned on social media!


Forgotten Creatures is part of a NGO “Zeitspr├╝nge e.V.” If you want to support our work, visit our PATREON page:

Wir erschaffen lebensnahe Modelle mythologischer Wesen auf Basis historischer Beschreibungen!

Erlebe die Faszination deutscher Folklore im Buch und der gleichnamigen Wanderausstellung!

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